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10 easy games to play with your family this summer

June 14, 2017 - TCO

10 easy games to play with your family this summer

It’s all fun and games until – wait a minute. That’s it. It’s all fun and games! Two of the best combos we can think of are family and summertime. Add games to that mix, and you have yourself an endless amount of laughs and enjoyment for all ages.

Low on ideas for what to do when you get the fam together? We’ve got you covered with a list of 10 easy and fun games for everyone to get active and play.


Nothing enhances a backyard BBQ like a net, rackets and birdies. Go 1-on-1 or get an intense game of 2-on-2 for bragging rights. Badminton sets are available for a reasonable price at a variety of department stores.

Bean bag toss

Bean bag toss: The MVP of family reunions; affectionately referred to as “bags,” “cornhole” and other names, bean bag toss pits individuals in 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 competition. All that’s required are two sets of three bean bags and two inclined boards with one hole in each. Sets can be found in stores, but some enthusiasts go the extra mile and create custom-made versions.

Bucket toss

While some of us dreamed of playing Bozo the Clown’s “Grand Prize Game,” we’d more than settle for the homemade version of bucket toss. All you need are five or six buckets and a ping pong ball. Prizes and a goofy mascot are optional.

Dodgeball (with water balloons!)

Test your agility and nimbleness with a rousing game of dodgeball, using water balloons. Do your best to stay dry (unless the weather’s warm). And, please, avoid throwing at someone’s face.

Hockey (without ice or skates)

Find an outdoor hockey rink for the outdoor summertime version of Minnesota’s unofficial state sport. Floor hockey sticks and a tennis ball or plastic puck work just fine.

Freeze tag

One or two games of freeze tag will have you and your loved ones’ hearts pumping and muscles moving. Just watch where you’re going!

Frisbee golf

Set up some hula hoops for holes and take on all challengers for backyard supremacy. Want to change the course and make it tougher? Set the hoops up vertically for trick shots!


If you can close your eyes and count, or hide, you’re on the team. Always use good judgment: Never hide in dangerous or unsafe places.

Kick the can

One of the oldest of old-school games, kick the can uses elements of hide-and-seek as well as tag. All you need is a can, someone who is “it” and a designated holding spot for individuals who get tagged by the “it” person after hiding. If anyone who hasn’t been caught kicks the can, everyone in the holding spot is set free.

Ladder golf

The family-get-together cousin of bean bag toss, ladder golf is one of the best BBQ pastimes. Sets are made from PVC pipes, golf balls and rope. You could make your own, but sets are sold in a variety of stores if you want to get straight to the action.

Have a safe and fun-filled summer!