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7 Super-Fun Rides to Rent This Summer

July 21, 2015 - TCO

7 Super-Fun Rides to Rent This Summer

No place comes alive like Minnesota in the summertime! While the sun is shining, the days are long, and the air is warm, make time to go on an adventure and try something new. Our great state has something for everyone, and there’s a unique experience right around every corner.

Have you checked all seven of these unique experiences off your summertime bucket list yet?

7 Super-Fun Rides to Rent This Summer

1. Fat Bike – $50/day – South Minneapolis

Aptly nicknamed “fatties” for their wide, all-terrain tires, fat bikes are designed for dirt paths, forest excursions, and other difficult land riding. Rent one of these bad boys for a day, and see for yourself how it handles and rides like a mountain bike, yet maintains stability and traction through tough conditions. And hey, If it doesn’t work out this summer, you can always take it through the SNOW this winter!

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2. Double Kayak – $21/hr –  Lake Nokomis, Minneapolis

You may have kayaked before, but have you ever double kayaked? Rentals are available at Lake Nokomis. Just when your arms are getting tired, hand over paddling duties to your partner and take a moment to just enjoy the beautiful landscape around the lake. Just be sure you trust your kayak co-captain not to rock the boat!


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3.  Double Surrey Cruising Cycle – $32/hr  –  Minnehaha Park & Falls

The modern-day double surrey is designed to let the whole family pedal around the park together. It’s kind of like the Flintstones’ vehicle, only for the 21st century. Pack in the whole crew and take a spin around Minnehaha Park, and stop to see the waterfall. Just remember, this super-fun ride gives a whole new meaning to the term “backseat driver.”

Cruising Cycle

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4. Tandem Bicycle – $33/hr  –  Midtown, Minneapolis

They say it takes two to tandem (or something like that), so Find a fella or a gal, a buddy or a pal, and rent a tandem bicycle from the Freewheel Midtown Bike Center in Minneapolis. It’s just a short ride to all of the Uptown lakes or a cruise through South Minneapolis, and when you have two brains, four pedals, and an adventurous spirit, the city is your playground. Oh, and always wear a helmet!

Double Bike

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5. Sunset Paddleboard Tour – $85/person  –   Raspberry Island, St. Paul

Very few moments are as captivating as a beautiful sunset over the water. That’s why Stand Up MN created the stand-up paddleboard sunset tour, so you can enjoy the sunset while gliding atop the Mighty Mississippi. Tours are captured via GoPro camera, and photos are free. For the video version, you’ll have to pay extra.

Paddle Board


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6. Traveling Tap – (Price varies, on average $30/person)  –  Minneapolis & St. Paul

The big “beer bike” is actually a surprisingly decent workout, especially if you’re one of only a few people pedaling. Okay, so the point of the ride isn’t exactly to work on your leg strength and cardio, but at least you have to put in some effort. Still, whether you’re enjoying a cold beverage on the ride, or just enjoying a group tour through one of many beautiful neighborhoods, this is an experience worth trying. Gather a group, celebrate summer, and have a great time.

Traveling Tap

image source: Traveling Tap Facebook

7. Water Jetpack – $259 (25min)  –  Lindstrom, MN

Yep, you can rent a jetpack in Minnesota. Jetpack Midwest offers jetpack rentals in Lindstrom, MN, which for many families means halfway between home and the cabin. Using water propulsion, even first-time riders can soar above the lake, flying in circles, spinning around, and maybe – with enough practice – back-flipping! It’s more expensive than the other super-fun rides listed above, but if you can swing it, you’ll surely leave with the memory of a lifetime. It’s a JETPACK people!

JetPack_1 JetPack_2

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We hope everyone has a fun, safe summer. Please always be sure to follow the rules and guidelines of rental companies and tour guides. Safety is the number one priority!


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