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March 8, 2021 - TCO

Difference Maker: Yu Ting M.

When we ask patients and their families about their experience, we often hear it’s the little things that make all the difference.

Every month we recognize a team member who went above and beyond to make a difference in the life of others. Often they did something that, if you asked them, “was no big deal,” or “is just part of their job.” But the truth is, their actions inspired others around them.

As a small token of our appreciation for making our organization a better place, we partnered with local artist Claire Ward to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art featuring an image of the recipient’s choosing.

Today, we’d like to thank Yu Ting M. for being a Difference Maker.

Yu Ting’s Story

A long day turned into a very long night for patient service representative Yu Ting.

Typically, her days consist of checking patients in, scheduling MRI(s), verifying insurance, tasking reports to the care team and making sure patients are MRI safe, but she often goes above-and-beyond the call of duty.

On this particular night, Yu Ting stayed hours after her shift ended to help the MRI department scan paperwork and finish reports, so the following day could be dedicated to the needs of patients.

It’s this type of dedication and diligence that makes Yu Ting such a valued and appreciated teammate. Even when completing her daily tasks, her attention to detail is second to none.

Not only is she an extremely thorough screener of patients with regard to MRI safety, Yu Ting also asks questions of the MRI techs any time she comes across a surgery or implant she does not know how to evaluate on her own.

For her teammates, the fact Yu Ting is so meticulous allows them to catch implants that need further research before patients show up for their scan.

But Yu Ting is not just beloved by co-workers, she has also impacted the lives of many patients. Whether it’s through a small gesture or simply a conversation, Yu Ting is the kind of person who makes everyone feel special.

Thank you, Yu Ting, for your amazing attitude, selflessness, and hard work. You are an inspiration for all!