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98% of our patients would recommend Twin Cities Orthopedics to their friends and family members.

Why TCO?

For over 70 years Twin Cities Orthopedics has taken pride in serving patients with high quality and timely service. As we have grown to become one of the largest orthopedic groups in the country, exceptional patient care has remained our top priority. In fact, over 98% of our patients would recommend TCO to their friends and family members.

Patient Experience Report

Patient experience surveys have been administered since June 1, 2013. Patients provide feedback on their respective clinic(s) on a five point scale. With thousands of surveys taken, Twin Cities Orthopedics has received an overall Excellence Rating of over 4.5! View the link below to learn more.

View the TCO Patient Experience Report

Health Partners

Patient satisfaction surveys administered independently by HealthPartners measuring how patients seen at TCO clinics compared to their network average in 2013. Data to be published by HealthPartners in 2014.

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