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Research highlights, fellowship information, and other resources for physicians.

Research Publications

Our doctors are committed to scientific investigation that advances the field of orthopedics and benefits patients young and old. We collaborate with organizations who share our research mission and vision. Our continued research allows us to be the leaders in orthopedic and musculoskeletal treatment.

Our doctors author and contribute to wide-ranging publications featuring specialized orthopedic care, technology innovations and new treatment methods. Below you’ll find a few examples of some recent research. If you click on the specific names at the bottom of the page, you’ll find more research that our doctors have completed.

Current Research

Information for all of our research can be found on the TCO Foundation page, at

Sports Medicine Fellowship

The Fairview/MOSMI fellowship program is a collaboration between Fairview Health Services and the physicians of Minnesota Orthopedic Sports Medicine Institute (MOSMI) at Twin Cities Orthopedics. The MOSMI physicians make up the majority of the fellowship faculty. The fellowship program is one of four sports medicine fellowship programs nationally that exists in a non-university setting.

The one year fellowship offers orthopedic physicians advanced training in sports medicine. The experience includes clinical, surgical, on-field and athletic training room experiences. It provides the opportunity for orthopedic surgeons to move beyond their traditional role and work together as a sports medicine team.

To learn more about the Fairview/MOSMI Sports Medicine Fellowship, call 612-672-4015 or visit