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September 18, 2019 - TCO

TCO Comeback: Connor Jo, Pro Football Player

From the joy of a touchdown, to the thrill of a big tackle, for Connor Jo, everything about playing professional football for the Minnesota Vixen was a dream come true. The wins were great. The camaraderie was better. But just four games into the season, a devastating injury nearly took it all away.

While going for a tackle, Connor Jo felt a pain she knew all too well. For the second time in her life, Connor Jo had torn her ACL. Was this the end of her career? Connor Jo contemplated the question as she thought of the road to recovery ahead, but a trip to TCO Orthopedic Urgent Care quickly changed her mind.

After a successful surgery at TCO, Connor Jo dedicated herself to making a full comeback and turned to Training HAUS to help get it done. Under the guidance of athletic trainer Chris Doney, MS, LAT, ATC, Connor Jo began moving better than ever before. The work wasn’t easy, but the payoff was worth it.

With her confidence back, Connor Jo not only returned to the field fully healthy, she was also named a team captain.

Connor Jo’s Comeback Film



TCO Comeback Films

Connor Jo’s is one of several TCO Comeback films featuring real TCO patients and Training HAUS athletes making incredible returns from injury.

For some, a comeback means getting back on the gridiron, while for others it simply means being able to play with the kids again. Everyone’s story may be different, but every comeback is an accomplishment worth celebrating, and an opportunity to inspire others.

A sincere thank you to Connor Jo, as well as everyone who has welcomed us into their lives to share their stories.