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August 21, 2019 - TCO

TCO Comeback: James, BMX Racer

It was a national BMX competition, and the stakes were high. James was fueled by adrenaline as he shot out of the gate, racing to an early lead. But then the unthinkable happened, and the packed crowd gasped as he crashed hard into the solid dirt track.

A lacerated spleen. Broken bones in his hand and arm. A concussion. The injuries left James in a bad way physically, but mentally, he was determined to get back on his bike as quickly as possible.

Needing both surgery and physical therapy, James turned to TCO for his recovery and dedicated himself to coming back better than ever. With trust in TCO’s plan, James worked his way back to full health.

What he did next – was nothing short of amazing. In his first race back, James pulled of a national win and is now chasing his dream of one day being an Olympian.

James’ Comeback Film

TCO Comeback Films

James’ is one of several upcoming TCO Comeback films featuring real TCO patients making incredible returns from injury.

For some, a comeback means winning your first BMX race back from injury, while for others it simply means being able to play with the kids again. Everyone’s story may be different, but every comeback is an accomplishment worth celebrating, and an opportunity to inspire others.

A sincere thank you to James, as well as everyone who has welcomed us into their lives to share their stories.