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February 26, 2020 - TCO

Testimonial Tuesday: Elsa Peterson

Written by Minneapolis Southwest senior skier Elsa Peterson:

After having a breakthrough 2016/17 ski season, I was beyond excited to build off of my new momentum at early fall camp the following season. Unfortunately, I crashed in training and broke my thumb. I flew home, had surgery and thanks to TCO’s Dr. McCarthy was soon able to focus on recovery and getting back on the snow.

One month later, I crashed and tore my ACL. I was in total disbelief and terrified about how this would impact my future. TCO’s Dr. Larson performed my surgery in January of 2018.  I knew several teammates who had great outcomes with Dr. Larson, who was very highly recommended in the ski racing community.

It was a very difficult transition, going from skiing six hours every day to not being sure if I would ever ski at the same level again. The atmosphere at TCO entirely eased my mind. Brandon Schomberg, my physical therapist was there through every emotion I had and inspired me when the times got tough. His expertise, positive attitude and reassurance motivated me in a way no one else could have.

From the very beginning, it was made clear to me that I was not going to be going through my recovery alone. I never expected to be embraced by so many people who were so invested in my recovery and wellness. They all felt like family. I am grateful to have had opportunities like the ACE program as well as testing at Training HAUS, powered by TCO, which were critical to getting me back to action.

At 10 months post-surgery, I was able to get back on skis. I was amazed by how great my knee felt, and how naturally everything came back. Within a few runs, it felt like nothing had ever happened. Since then, I haven’t looked back. I feel much stronger and better than ever. I finished 3rd at state this year and am excited to build upon the progress that I have made as I continue to race.

As difficult as my recovery was, the TCO team turned my experience into something positive. I learned so much throughout the process and am so grateful for everyone at TCO that made it possible.