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February 7, 2014

Bruce N.

Bruce N., who works for Eagle Valley Bank in St. Croix Falls, scheduled himself for rotator cuff surgery last August to repair a substantial ¾ inch tear. “I love to golf and hunt,” he explained, “so surgery had to be between seasons ––after golf and before deer hunting!” Bruce made a point to note that he did give up bird hunting to rehab his shoulder! He declined a post-surgery hospital stay and only had severe pain for a day or two. “Because I’d been through this surgery before, I knew what to expect,” he said. “I took Thursday and Friday off and planned to be at work on Monday, which I was.” The first two-three weeks were the most difficult since Bruce is right-handed. “Friends told me to be prepared and they were right, but it was still a struggle. Try eating, shaving, brushing your teeth, and so on left-handed,” he said. “It was challenging! Overall, though, I had a great experience with the Medical Center, Dr. Steven Meisterling, and all who took care of me!”