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March 20, 2019

Carter V.

Carter, my son who is 14, was riding his bike home from school and hit some gravel just as he got outside the gates of his school. His leg got caught in the frame of his bike and he fell, braking his tibia in 3 places. The bones actually spiraled and also broke his fibula in half. He had to take two ambulance rides and wait to have surgery the next afternoon. Dr. Sager was wonderful and very upbeat from the first minute we met him. He also was very reassuring to us, as we were scared for Carter and what he had ahead of him with surgery. He did tell us this is one of the worst breaks he had seen in a long time. Carter was such a trooper. He received a plate and 7 screws in his tibia. The fibula went back into place and was able to heal on its own. Carter was splinted and non-weight bearing. He was in the hospital Thursday-Saturday and we got him set him up with crutches and a wheelchair. It was also the end of school and he was receiving a Presidential award for academics that following Monday, that his dad and I made sure he made it to. He finished his 8th grade middle school year in a wheelchair. He was able to get the splint off after a couple weeks and wore a boot from May through August. He spent the summer in very slow recovery. Even though he missed out on summer activities it was great to see him enjoy the fall. He got to start high school boot free. That lasted until March 0f 2019 and it was time to go back to outpatient surgery to get the plate and screw out of his leg. Being that he was young, we decided this was the best option. The top half of Carter's plate and one screw already had new bone growth over it. But Dr. Sager was able to get it out and Carter was healing with a boot again.