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February 13, 2019

Jenna G.

I am a three-sport athlete and two-sport captain at Farmington High School. I was playing club soccer last June when I tore my ACL. It was a devastating injury for me, as I was transitioning into my senior soccer season. I knew I wouldn't be able to make it back in time to play soccer. My challenge was learning how to be a captain and a leader, while on the sidelines. A couple days after I tore my ACL, my mindset changed from devastated to determined. I was determined to make it back for the end of my season. I was determined to still make an impact as captain in hockey and soccer, and I was determined to inspire others through my recovery. I quickly learned that leadership was not about ability on the field or rink, it was about how I was able to support my team through adversity and victory. I became the biggest cheerleader and the biggest supporter of my teammates. I was at every practice and every game. And while I could not lead by my ability in my sports, I realized that I could inspire others by how hard I was willing to work to recover. Day in and day out I was at the HAUS recovering with Mike. If I wasn’t at practice with the team, I was at the gym recovering my quad strength. I returned to full contact hockey 7 months after my injury on our "senior night". Our hockey team then went right into playoffs, where I helped lead our team to the state tournament. I was extremely blessed to then be awarded with the Herb Brooks Award, which is a character award after one of the greates hockey figures ever that came from MN. One girl and one guy wins this award once a year. Honestly I most likely would not have one this award if it I did not go through what I went through. Getting injured and having to sit on the sidelines taught me more than flying through my senior season ever would have. In more ways than one, I’m grateful for what I went through and everyone that helped me through it.