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July 11, 2016

Julie Q.

Who'd want to have surgery again?
DON'T point a finger at me
for once was enough
till the pain was so tough
if I had one more hip, I'd do three!

I'm thankful for Dr. O'Neill
who opened me up once before
with a saw and a chisel
my blood, it did drizzle
and my hip, he did then restore!

Oh, hippity doo dah day
the "Sunshine" is bright and intense!
Hip Two has been done
and now I can run
and stand in my own defense!

The tools in the surgeons' hands
plus such gifted use of recall
since the brains in his head
with "study" were fed
and our God created it all!

Thank you dear Lord for this doc
you've so blessed him with talents and gifts
as he's shared all these skills
one now needs less pills
NO PAIN, thus their spirit uplifts!

A new person I now have become
and old person, not anymore!
This doctor has given
new life that's now driven
A life that he thus did restore!

A man's life is much like a river
God can mold it to twist and to turn
If he follows God's leading
his skills thus exceeding
yet he's forever still open to learn!

May our focus be less on the material
for all things soon wither and die
but the gifts from above
are given in love
to extend humanity's cry!

Lord bless this dear doctor his life
and continue to fill and restore
his pep and his skill
along with goodwill
to share with a hundredfold more!

Two hip poems I thus now have written
my surgeries have come to an end
these poems are sincere
about a surgeon's career
and a surgeon I still recommend!