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May 1, 2018

Lee A.

I have been blessed with good health until my mid-sixties and then out of nowhere, one hip and then a few months later, the other hip essentially locked me up in severe pain. I couldn't even walk across a skyway in downtown Minneapolis, where I worked, without stopping and catching my breath it was so painful. I reached out to someone who is familiar with the "physician/medical community" and he referred me to Dr. Wetter. Long story short, Dr. Wetter replaced both of my hips within a few months of each other. Reflecting back on the experience I can truthfully say everything he said that was going to happen before, during and after the surgeries, happened. No surprises, no misunderstandings about the process, procedure, outcome or post-surgery recovery issues/timetables. He is straight forward, honest and believable. He is surrounded by a great team of professionals at his office and the hospital. And finally, he LISTENS very well. Peace… Lee