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November 22, 2020

Linda K.

After 3 years of worsening hip pain, I finally decided to visit TCO. I saw Dr. Sanders and he was very helpful. He explained my condition to me and what I could expect for the future. It took me awhile to finally accept that I needed surgery and, after a COVID delay, my left hip was replaced in June 2020. Dr. Sanders did a great job, not only with the surgery, but helping me understand the process. I was walking hours after surgery and my pain was gone! I used a walker for about 8 days and then walked on my own. Within 3 weeks I was walking for 30 minutes every day and worked my way up to 1 hour (3 miles) by 2 months post op. I am so pleased with my recovery! I highly recommend Dr. Sanders and also encourage everyone to follow his directions and do the exercises!