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June 7, 2016

Lynnette S.

I had left hip replacement surgery on March 8, 2016, performed by Dr. Thomas Comfort. Prior to my hip surgery I could barely walk. Dr. Comfort assured me prior to the surgery there would be instant improvement. I had my surgery performed at the High Point Surgery Center in Lake Elmo and participated in the EXCEL Program. I cannot say enough good things about the positive experience I had at High Point with the surgery and all the staff; I received "excellent" treatment and care. I want to thank Molly, Dr. Comfort's assistant, for her assistance and her promptness in replying back to me with questions and the rest of the staff members at Twin Cities Orthopedics. I was sent home the day after my hip surgery with a walker and I'm happy to say I never had to use it once - I was walking on my own! I recovered very well from my surgery and have resumed all activities. Down the road if I need to have my right hip replaced I will definitely consider going through the Excel program again at the High Point Surgery Center. Thank you Dr. Comfort and all the staff members at Twin Cities Orthopedics and High Point for the excellent care.