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March 14, 2018

Paul A.

40 years ago I had a major knee injury. Basically, I had to live with it and make the best of the situation until (as several orthopedists told me) I knew it was time to do a knee replacement. Last year that time came, and I researched my options regarding locations and orthopedists to perform this procedure. I felt my best option was the EXCEL program at TCO with Dr. Kruse. The EXCEL program is well designed for a person that is motivated to do the work necessary to regain their quality of life. In EXCEL, TCO is there in every step along the way to support you. It's not easy... it's hard work... but you always have the TCO staff, as well as the structure of the EXCEL program, to guide you through the journey. Dr. Kruse was great to work with. He was very honest and open about what he could do, and what I needed to do, to make this a success. He has been very supportive and caring through the entire experience. One thing I really liked about EXCEL was the fact that everything I did was "in-house" through TCO and I didn't need to go anywhere else. Another benefit of this structure was I made one payment to TCO and didn't have to deal with a mountain of invoices from many different providers.