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November 29, 2020

Rick K.

Over the past three years I have been under the care of Dr. Bakker for a problematic right wrist. The initial solution recommended was a series of cortisone injections, over several years. However, that solution finally failed and it was time to consider surgery. I did seek a second opinion, as I had a recommendation from another physician I knew. The other doctor's recommended course of action was the same, but he did not have the calming bedside manner of Dr. Bakker, nor did he convey the confidence that came from Dr. Bakker during my pre-surgery visitation. Most importantly, Dr. Bakker placed me in the care of the highly competent physical therapists on my post surgery follow up office visit. The two women that who work with his patients are a key to his patience’s recovery success. I saw them both and, believe me, they represent TCO very well. I considered this operation very seriously as I am a very avid golfer. A couple of years ago, I play almost 60 rounds here in Minnesota. Although it still March and we not on the golf course yet I can recommend Dr. Bakker to anyone experiencing serious wrist and hand pain. I believe he is a tribute to the orthopedic profession and a healer to his patients.