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March 22, 2019

Sheila P.

I had an ankle injury many years ago that wasn’t properly healed. In the spring of 2018, I re-injured it. I was fortunate to see Dr. McGarvey. He examined my ankle and tried an alternate to surgery with a cortisone shot. This helped quite a bit to get me through the pain for a while, but soon it was apparent that surgery was needed. I was walking with a limp and pain. I was going to schedule the surgery but that didn’t happen due to a family crisis. I explained my situation to the staff and they were very understanding and I left with another cortisone shot in the interim. By early spring of 2019, I couldn’t handle the pain and immobility, so I went back to TCO to schedule surgery. Everyone there remembered what happened to me and was extremely caring.   I had my surgery in the beginning of March. Dr. McGarvey did and excellent job! I am now 8 weeks after my surgery and receiving physical therapy. I am walking in tennis shoes, pain free and only using 1 crutch for safety! I go back to TCO on June 5th for my final check up and will personally thank him again, along with his assistant Rhodora Roxas, and his nurse Laura!